What's Good

Orange, California, USA

Keep moving, man! Not like this... Not like this!
You must be fucking kidding me!
Thirty-two pills of unmarked and laced thizz,
And way too much nervous energy.

You are dead on the floor.
You are laughing hysterically.
I think we did everything wrong.
When the softness of surfaces knocks on your door
You'll remember the come-down's song.

Now your brain is exhausted and about to collapse.
Your CNS's irreversibly damaged.
Rapid flashback—a slip off a square roof—
In a week you once more will relapse.

I don't know your beliefs, be it sky, fate, whatever,
But remember how lucky you are.
You coulda killed yourself right there and then,
"Hey what's good man it's been fuckin' forever!"