Culver City, California, USA

Hair, dark with wetness, sticks to the ceramic of the tub.
Blue inhaled smoke tugs at the insides of the lungs.
The surface of the water breaks around the knees,
They feel exposed and isolated just like you.


Submerge with all the heaviness you feel.
Just let it pull you down.
And once your vision blurs,
And once you find you can no longer draw a breath,
Release the scream that rolls around like pebbles in your chest,
And let it bubble up away from the constricting pressure.

Then, when the water cools to an uncomfortable squeeze,
Once it pulls all the dirt and hurt and tension from within you,

Rise up

And watch the droplets of remaining pain roll off your oozing skin and shatter on the floor.

You’re clean.
For now you’re clean.