Now Is the Time

Orange, California, USA

and now is the time to realize
that real life is only right now
a dream so surreal like a beam of light
eating through film in my dream oh yes
from my dream for my dream by my dream
as i swim through your fears fighting mine
it’s so fierce so unreal
i can feel there’s not much to reveal how i feel
yes you know how i feel but you feel just the same
not in vain
we prevail we survive every time
there’s no time to define how much time it will take
to reveal what it’s like to be real to be live
to believe that this dream’s a gold mine
to be found in your eyes looking back into mine
this is love this is real i’m asleep in your arms
i awake and i shake
till i see that i’m still in your arms
you are real this is real this is real