Paris, France

as i ride the metro returning home from my 9-5 i look around me and see all these faces faces transfixed on the glow of their devices the dull droopy eyes of those who have accepted their 9-5 these faces are somehow okay with waiting for the weekend some are somewhat okay and others are somehow completely okay with bearing the pain because the weekend is around the corner and soon they will be able to soothe that pain with some greasy food and a purchase of a gadget or a trinket that they slaved away for at their 9-5

where is that spark in their eyes as they stand here in the train rocking bathed in the blue glow of their devices it’s all surrender unwilling toleration slow deterioration for the sake of hopefully eventual liberation from their 9-5 but how are they to break free from the 9-5 if to break free from the 9-5 you must create a 9-5 if not for someone else then for yourself and it better stay a 9-5 because it might turn into a 9-4 and then into a 10-2 and very soon it will turn into alcohol and poverty and back to someone else’s 9-5 you go but duller looking and more sunken in and that spark in the corner of your eye is nowhere to be found and this is when you accept you really accept your 9-5 your 9-5

and then forty years go by and you haven’t changed not much anyway you said you would but that was forty years ago the train has changed and the gadgets and the trinkets have changed but you haven’t changed except you don’t tap your foot nervously anymore and you don’t hold onto the grab-rail as tightly anymore and you don’t even look at your device anymore you just look somewhere up with your dull droopy eyes without much hope and no longer with any urgency and you don’t even feel relieved that the weekend is just around the corner because the weekends after all these years the weekends are now just part of your 9-5 and there is no urgency none at all because your 9-5 well it has turned into your 22-62 and nothing will change because it’s been like this for forty years

and here you are standing next to me as i am thinking all this standing next to you returning home from my 9-5 and wondering well what else is there to it?